Jerome Han



status: complete

start: July 2019

end: November 2019

For my third year psychology capstone subject I worked on a project titled 'East vs West: Lexical Elaboration points to Emotion Universality'. This was done in collaboration with four other students - Yana Ryakhovskaya, Yuma Tamura,  Grace Clark and Hana Agustine.​ We were supervised by A/Prof Charles Kemp and Dr. Joshua Abbott, both of whom produce research that I greatly admire.

This subject was a bit of a 'baby research project', but I had a lot of fun working on it. Overall, it was a really nice introduction to the style of work that goes on in computational cognitive science, a field that I'm really interested in working within in the future. Essentially, for this project we leveraged a couple of large language datasets along with the framework of lexical elaboration - the notion that languages are more verbose in semantic categories where the local culture has a greater relative communicative need for it - to investigate emotion representation across cultures. The results were a bit meh - we probably shouldn't have chosen a topic as high level and complex as emotion representation - but again this was baby research and the learning experience was more important. In any case, for our work we ended up winning the best poster award for the Complex Human Data Hub section of UniMelb's School of Psychology on the showcase night for all third year psych students. Nice!

You can check out the poster for the project here, and my report for it here.

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