Jerome Han


at Data61

status: complete

start: November 2019

end: February 2020

Over the summer of 2019 I had the immense privilege of completing a summer internship at Data61 in Sydney. Data61 is the computing and data science research arm of CSIRO, Australia's national science research agency.

My project was titled 'measuring trust with physiological and behavioural sensors'. I completed it under the guidance of my wonderful supervisors Ronnie Taib and Andreas Duenser. I'm not sure how much I'm actually allowed to reveal about the project itself, but broadly speaking it was a study based in the fields of HCI and experimental psychology on measuring user trust levels in automated systems guessed it .....physiological and behavioural sensors.

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During this time I also had the chance to make some great new friends from all over Australia. It was an eye opening experience to meet such a diverse set of likeminded students from similar fields but with incredibly different interests and ambitions.


Over lunch breaks I was also able to assert my dominance in the card game Big Two. Ha!

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