Jerome Han

24   7   20

Hello. Since my last post in April,  I have:

- survived a grueling exam season and emerged with fairly acceptable marks

- received an offer to do a data science summer internship at Canva, which I have accepted

- become vaguely lactose intolerant (cannot eat McFlurries anymore, very sad)

- watched as a second (and much larger) wave of covid cases hit Victoria 

- started working on a research project for next semester, a topic in cognitive science that revolves around language evolution

Overall, life is good right now and I'm grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead of me. I haven't been drawing much because I've barely left the house, but I'm thinking of trying to learn how to sculpt. I'm also interested in further developing a computer vision project that I've had in mind for a very long time. My time usage right now is a careful balancing act between some pretty good productivity and occasionally some epic procrastination. 

Semester 1, 2020

Jerome Han

25   3   20

I like to draw because I find it relaxing and meditative. Drawing to me isn't about skill, or even the drawing itself - it's about enjoying the process of making something as the rest of the world and all of its troubles gradually fades away.

Jerome Han Daily

26   3   20

My mother cooks for the family almost every day. I consider myself very lucky - she's an excellent chef. One of my favourite dishes is her Japanese curry.

Jerome Han Daily

27   3   20

I recently learned how to whistle, albeit poorly. Today I heard the tradie renovating our house whistle. He was much better.


28   3   20

While we're in locked indoors because of Coronavirus, I've decided to try to grow a moustache. It's currently in its teenage phase - awkward and disgusting. Hopefully it makes it out of this stage of life before I inevitably

decide to kill it.


29   3   20

It's been more than a week since I've left the house due to coronavirus. Today I felt like doing absolutely nothing. I think that's okay, every once in a while.


30   3   20

Silvertongue is an excellent song. My moustache is revolting. I haven't left the house in ten days. I need to get out for some air.


31   3   20

Starting to get back into coursework. Today I read a few chapters of Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach by Kurose and Ross. Surprisingly, I was kind of enthralled through it all. Who knew computer networking would be so captivating.


1  4  20

For the goldfish in our backyard, life is constant. The whole world could end and they wouldn't know the difference. Sometimes I wish I was a goldfish.


2  4  20

After many days of less than ideal productivity, enough tasks and deadlines have stacked for the stress/panic/ofuck monster to finally emerge from the depths of hell and light a fire under

my ass. Time to get back to work, quarantine be damned.


6  4  20

Being stuck at home sucks, but sitting next to the fireplace on a cold autumn day, healthy and in the company of family, makes me realise that I still have a lot to be thankful for.


7  4  20

Assignment due in two days. Approaching finish line. This might turn out very bad. Very stressed. END ME NOW. 


8  4  20

Assignment is under control. Should be fine. Received an offer for some more casual research work today. Life follows a relatively smooth trajectory in the long run, but day to day it can feel like a god damn roller coaster.


9  4  20

The moustache is gone.


11  4  20

Today was dad's birthday.

I attempted to bake a Japanese cheesecake for him. This was a terrible

choice for my first

cake. I messed

up at the egg

white whisking stage and ended up

baking an egg pancake. At least it was funny.


13  4  20

I've been coding a lot

lately. This has

co-occurred with

some serious

artist's block. Are 

the two related?


14  4  20

Westworld is so cool.


16  4  20

Received my first

mechanical keyboard

in the mail today.





18  4  20

Tried to cut my dad's hair today. Wasn't terrible,

but definitely a bit

patchy in some