Jerome Han


status: in progress

start: December 2019

MAKER is my dream project. It's an augmented  reality game about architecture - about building forms and structures that we wish could exist in the real world.

Why augmented reality? AR apps today often feel gimmicky, like the AR feature exists for the sake of existing. The idea here is that architecture is a domain where AR is uniquely relevant. To build a structure you need space - space to move around freely, to explore every nook and cranny, and to truly understand the environment as three dimensional. What better way to do this than to visualise and interact with your creation in reality in real time?

And why architecture? Architecture is something I've been in love with since day one. My father is an urban planner, and I grew up in Singapore on NUS's school of design and environments building. Some of my earliest memories are of the amazing wooden models that the students there were constructing back then. I love what I do now, but I hope that in my next life I'll be an architect. For now, I can be one in MAKER.

MAKER alpha