Jerome Han

Ex Machina

17 September 2020

Holy shit I am so done with lockdown.

mark wiens.JPG


8 July 2020

For the unfamiliar, Mark Wiens is a travel food vlogger on youtube. He's famous for his signature foodgasms, which occur when he eats something delicious. For the time being, Mark's videos are the closest I'm going to get to travelling.

Drawing a recognisable face is way easier on a digital medium compared to pen on paper.

bush donut II.JPG
bush donut.jpg

Bush Donut (WIP)

4 April 2020

Work in progress. I like where this piece is going stylistically - feels like a comfortable compromise between realistic and cartoony. For future pieces I need to take more time to plan out the composition of my pieces. I think it would be better to block out components using really simple colours and silhouettes.

5 April 2020

Added a layer of ground material. Just need to do the path, truck, man, foliage and donut thing now. The piece actually feels a bit boring - will need to look further into how environmental artists set out their composition. I don't think it's a problem with the subject matter, perhaps more how it's laid out (especially with the ground being very one dimensional here).

Jerome Han

Hydro Power

3 April 2020

This is my first attempt at a more 'concept arty' piece. Evidently I still have plenty to learn. I started out using the smudge tool a lot but quickly realised that it made everything look washed out and rubbish. Smudge is probably something to use really sparingly - better to just lower brush opacity and apply many layers of strokes to mix colours? Not sure. Waves are pretty hard to draw - I definitely haven't really captured them here. You can see that I got lazy near the end with that 'haze' at the base of the towers. I still need to be more patient.